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vue lazy loading data

Let’s say you wish to lazy load GreetComponent inside the #greettemp template of the parent component. Eager loading is the default approach of loading JavaScript code on to the DOM, for Vue JS this means using the import statement to bring in a component into the app.vue file. To lazy load a component inside a particular location in the template, you can use ViewChild. vuejs2min read. It took me a bit longer than I would have wanted to realize that this mechanism actually is meant to make use of the browsers cache… and I usually develop with the cache disabled. On the other hand, disabling prefetch by default gives you more control over what is prefetched or not, and the page will only download the files needed on demand not wasting resources, but the downside is that there might be delays when those files are requested for the first time (in future navigations they will be cached). `, Profiling React Apps with the Profiler API. A super simple image lazy loader for Vue. Desired Listen Events. Even though this technique will give you a massive size reduction there are still … Passing Data to Lazy-Loaded Component. Live Preview Basic usage Step 1: Import the directive from 'mdbvue' script Step 2: Add mdbLazyLoad to the directives object script