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british english of the word quiz

Thierry didn’t know why people thought he was so boring. A la julliene or french cut. Well that might be true if muffins were cakes, but muffins are actually bready things which you toast and put jam on. Hmm, barrister is not really equivalent to lawyer, it's equivalent to advocate. We have do not have the separate divisions as in the UK, so lawyer or attorney is correct. Pretty good. And I’m Jay and I’m American. Terrible quiz. The British copies this style of jacket, and today, one can have one made out of modern materials. Could you envisage a world without it? Context, etc... chips and fries are different things, aren't they? The special meaning of the word, unique to Britain, is "a socially inept person" because, in Britain, anorak-wearers are usually bird-watchers, or train-spotters, or other anti-social hobbyists. It's a liquid, not a gas. I only knew "dodgems" because that is what the bumper cars are called in Roller Coaster Tycoon. Yay for reading a lot of British literature, got 22/27 without trying too hard (And we still use a bit of British English in Canada. this is all very stereotypical, I am British and 8/23 of these words we use here. Etymology. American guy: Because queue does not come before pee. The source for the quiz was the information provided by our dictionaries. OK. Instructions . Please add "pedestrian crossing" as an acceptable answer. While all English words technically exist in the same language, some words are only really used in one place or another. If someone said truck I'd assume they mean a pickup truck or similar. While a British person might envisage something, an American would "envision" it. Language level: … I got 100%, not bad seeing as I'm neither British nor American :), Lawyer is an umbrella term for both solicitors and barristers. In the UK, the emergency number is just 9-9-9. we don't all speak posh or cockney. The ground floor is called the ground floor, then the first floor above that is called the FIRST FLOOR. lol. Couldn't for the life of me figure out what Americans call a zebra crossing. It is a game to test knowledge about a certain subject. "Pissed off" means annoyed. And at least around here people talk about jacket potatoes more than baked potatoes (although both are known, of course). I'm Canadian and was typing variations of angry too. Must be a northern thing. 3. Learn more. I got 196 in french but for my first try In english only 134. thereisnoP +1. Invite … pissed can also mean annoyed that's why I got it wrong. Soon, it was shortened to "rad," which remains one of the defining expressions of the 1980s. And i never kniw which is american and which british. A silencer is part of the exhaust. Test/quiz. I thought at first it was "Flat (adjective)" – as in "a flat tyre". "Sawbuck" is a term used to describe a device similar to the "sawhorse," which is one of the names for the old fashioned, wooden police barricades you may still see from time to time. "Attorney-at-law" is the lawyer. I will point out as well that if the context is understood you can add 'ed' to the end of just about any word and people will know that you mean drunk, around where I am from for example you get 'blastered' on a night out. British history is action-packed – we've got knights, Henry VIII, the plague and Shakespeare! Even within what people think of as a confined space, language can morph into very specific dialects with meanings that only hold sway over a single group of people. Having a power of attorney for someone makes you an attorney-in-fact, not an attorney-at-law. kept thinking about flat as in, not raised... (funilly a flat is..). by Holly Hartman. Shorter it is the more jacket it is and less coat. Here's a pic of what Americans & Brits call a biscuit... Lawyer in UK is anyone who practices law - a barrister is just one kind of lawyer. The early spelling should also be accepted. I thought it was a cart you could move like heavy stuff with.., Technically it's a gas/vapour at the point of combustion in the engine. clivey +3. films and TV) is to blame and that pisses me right off (not particularly, tbh). What is perplexing is that America is the one place where it makes the least sense to do this. Good quiz but as others have said, many of these are slang. Facebook. The closest we have in the UK for the American 'biscuit' (the buttery non-sweet pastry served with breakfast) is a scone, or perhaps a very thick muffin. A scarf is what a USAmerican often calls a muffler. However fries are those horrible thin over salted things that you get in McDonalds, and always feel a little bit worse about yourself after you've eaten them. More Quizzes from Infoplease: Try another World Quiz ! While the adjective "wonky" is used both in the US and the UK, it means different things in those places. "Grifter" is a term that originated in the USA, where the term "graft" was most likely corrupted into the word "grift," and thus the practitioners of grift became "grifters." 4:59 to be exact, a … I don't know anybody who is actually English who would use "line" rather than "queue". No credit card details required. a large letter a capital letter a) a large letter b) a capital letter. In the US, attorneys perform that service as part of their profession. To make things more confusing, our French fries are "chips" to the Brits, who call our potato chips "crisps." "Maven" came to English by way of Yiddish, where its antecedent was pronounced the same way, and as with the English word, meant "an expert." "Pissed" means someone can also be angry so it's a bit confusing. Neanderthals were the dominant humanoid species until 40,000 years ago. We eat them hot, slathered with butter and/or jelly (jam), or honey or molasses, or covered in milk gravy, or as sandwich bread for breakfast topped with eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, or fried chicken. Petroleum is the raw material, gasoline is the finished product. Ehm, if it is thin it is Definitely NOT from belgium. When we pronounce z, we say zee. I was told it stands for Thanks Awefully. I'm from the South (and have also lived in Hampshire and many other southern counties), and hear it just as much in the south as the north. Check your knowledge: Earth quiz. It's a subtle difference, but how a certain lightweight metal is written and pronounced has a lot to do with which side of the Atlantic you call home. Funny how being British means we use some of both, if your parents say chips for dinner, you don't think twice, you go to get fish and chips from the fish and chip shop. I am from yorkshire, i will give you some examples of how we speak: I'm English and I certainly refer to them as chemists, not pharmacies. I thought that in England, lawyers were called solicitors. A fun way to learn new English words. With unknown origins and usage going back to the 1700s, the British expression "row," as in "to row" and "a row" (pronounced like "wow") means "to quarrel" or "a quarrel." I think you may be overlooking the British sense of irony (or sarcasm, depending on your viewpoint). In Canada, i've heard ta used more when asking for something from a toddler or baby, although i have heard it used as a way of saying goodbye but mostly by senior citizens i would say. unstated; unsolicited; unrequited; unkempt; … Question 1 (out of 10): A British babysitter is known as a. lollipop lady. The … Check your grammar: gap fill - superlative adjectives. Bressay. nah a lot of people where i live use chemist, jacket potato and dodgems, but i agree with you on the trucks a lot of people just use both. Jacket and coat are different lengths. Used mostly to whinge about whinging Poms. At that point they were just describing how to prepare the patato, the concept "fries" as its own distinct thing didnt excist yet. RBS itself invented overdraft in 1728 for a merchant named William Hogg, so he could pay bills before receiving payment for his services, but the real benefit was when the industrial revolution hit. I grew up in the North East of England (a long time ago) and we never used the word trouser unless in relation to the celebrated Corby garment press. The quiz is completely free! Take this British culture quiz to see … Barrister confused me because of that, it's got an entirely different meaning to "lawyer" here). A shawl is a much larger square that is wrapped all around you. "pedestrian line" is also valid for "zebra crossing", Countries by First Two Letters in 90 Seconds. British definition: 1. belonging to or relating to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or its…. And '8/23 of these words we use here' is a flagrant exaggeration. We say Ta and Thanks a lot. I finally done all countries. It's not an American word. Test your knowledge about the United Kindom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The context says everything in this case. I live in the UK don't know anyone who says they'll get something at the pharmacy. Copyright © Oxford University Press, .All Rights Reserved. ), Am off tut chemists (I am going to the chemist's shop), do us a jacket taitee (Please cook me a jacket potato). I heard it all over Norfolk and Suffolk when I lived there. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! It makes its appearance as a way of saying something is of high quality in the middle of the 1700s, derived from the meaning of "crack" defined as a very describing the act of doing something "quickly or smartly." I was so pissed (drunk) that I pissed (urinated) myself and the doorman was so pissed off (angry) that I thought I'd better piss off out of there (run away). 18. Bounded by the English language, different words are often used to mean the same thing in British and American English. The 1980s saw the use of the word "radical" in a few TV ads, and the word caught on. Britain Quiz. So, we're going to ask you what some British slang words mean. Drunk is the British word too. A not so appropriate one. Thus, another piece of British vernacular is the term "coaches," which refers to the time at the end of a party when the hired coach comes to take everyone home, or more importantly, away from the site of the party. 329159. Half of the American words are English words as well. The word is in use in Britain, thanks to the popularity of American culture and films. Somehow trolley made me type lorry, em sorry, otherway around. busker . They used to have very distinct roles but that has blurred in recent years. Even my GP. Surprised to see 'Ta' here, always thought it was just a scouse and cockney thing. My only experience with hearing "high street" are English makeup youtubers talking about cheaper make-up, such as you would find in an American drugstore. I had been taught in Britain where you learn the technique of not having to stop if you don't need to (gear down while looking around, gearing up to move on if clear) so it was obviously rather galling. Tell us which words and phrases you used when you were growing up, and we'll make our best guess where in the country you're from. I got one speeding ticket (not even close to 70mph on the 'freeway') in the 18 years or so I lived in California but I got several for not coming to a proper full stop.Grrr. Shoe technology has come a long way in recent decades, but as late as the 1990s, people would wear water-permeable shoes to work when it rained, protecting them by covering them with "rubbers," another term for "galoshes"; rubber outer shoes designed to fit overshoes. Outside of North America, eggplants are light in color, and closer in size and shape to goose eggs, making "eggplant" a much more appropriate name. The same way some vegetables like carrots are cut for salads. "Tar" is used around Liverpool and that way. Yeah, the branding change was probably a good idea. Accept the singulars for sneakers and bumper cars? Which version is the American "baked potato" referring to? Some words that come to English from other languages result in some funny confusion at the grocery store. There are lots of words for the toilet in England - loo is just one, but it is well known. We say muffler too. Hi, I’m Vicki and I’m British. British English slang words quiz. Despite imperfect grammar. While the UK has always had plenty of English speakers, there was a time when more Americans spoke German than English, and the majority of immigrants who came to the United States did not speak English as their first language. 122. Warning to all Brits: I recommend not asking your hotel receptionist in the US if it's ok to light up a fag on the balcony. ""Chemist's" is a pharmacy. A sawbuck was originally a sawhorse with X shaped ends, but eventually, the term was adopted for the 10-dollar bill, since X is the Roman numeral for 10. why is the first floor called the second floor? Local vernacular is one of the most fascinating aspects of language. Thierry thought he was quite interesting. I have heard ta-ta as in good-bye, we use it in Canada from time to time. We definitely still say chemist!!!! Herma Ness. First thing that comes to mind when you say pissed is angry, though. The American "rappel," meaning the same thing, came into use in 1944, and came from the French word meaning "to recall.". Even in America, the podium is the thing you stand on, the lectern is the thing you stand behind. It means "to embrace redundant safety protocols." Whinge is more of a moan, complain can be used in the same place but not really. The Faither. 2. Barrister is not used in Scotland (under Scottish law there are advocates, not barristers). I'm a Singaporean and we use a mix so it's hard. Back the truck and all that! What's your knowledge like? Do you want to take part in the quiz at the pub tonight? We use the word whine we just spell it differently, good one! It's a common mistake in America. A quiz that tests your knowlege of the British countryside, from the Shetlands to the Channel Islands. Where do french fries come from then? ADVERTISEMENT. A spyglass, for those unaware of the term, is a kind of telescope, specifically a collapsible one. Interesting! "Twee" is a fun word with unexpected meaning. American here and I've heard pissed off, meaning angry, and it's often called P-O'ed. We call shortbread and lemon bars cookies, too. In America, it's "aluminum," which ends in "um. Never heard of "zebra crossing" until I took one of these quizzes but I think it's very cute :). In Malbaby's defense (not that she's ever come to mine), I think she was probably speaking to the many British/English people commenting here who claim to have not heard one word or another. (game involving questions) (anglicisme : jeu) quiz nm nom masculin: s'utilise avec les articles "le", "l'" (devant une voyelle ou un h muet), "un". Great Britain Facts! To piss and to piss off are two different verbs. I'm english and I've never heard the word "ta" meaning thank you. Just remember, if you put on a waistcoat, you're supposed to leave the bottom button undone. Right after I pressed "give up" I remembered half of the ones I left blank... :/, they aren't the same thing, trainers are a specific kind of shoe. "Chemist" is the person (pharmacist). At this point in history, RBS was well suited to profit because it had invented the financial instrument needed for small, growing businesses short on cash but big on promise. Many students are confused about word differences between American and British English. British Culture quiz. Only when they are police officers informing you that you did not come to a full stop at a stop sign (of which are way too many). Detailed info of spelling games given in ultimate English spelling quiz which will help you in learning English word. Find out now! The American equivalent of Fag is probably smoke or stogie, The American equivalent of whinge is gripe or moan. I dont think its a location thing but I might be wrong. Please answer as many questions as you like. Some of the differences come from the linguistic influences of the cultures with which these two places have the most contact, but some of the differences have more to do with other aspects of culture, such as events in sports, popular culture, or politics that crystallized into expressions with meanings larger than their origins might suggest. That in itself makes no verbal sense, but... @luke0 I couldn't agree less - only posh people say "pharmacy". That is how the word Soccer was created... in England. I think there are many clothing examples. What is an octane rating? Quiz; BEST: English Quiz Questions and Answers. zebra crossing. In Britain, it means when something isn't quite right, like when one's hat isn't on straight. Literally everything you just said is wrong. And we always say baked potato and bumper cars. Britons sometimes refer to a party as "a do," which is a handy shorthand when you want to give the impression of a party without much detail. Try saying "I have a stain on my pants" in London. Sample Question. Yes! Many supposedly "American" words, like "exit", "thanks", "cookie", "cigarette" etc. Ultimate English spelling quiz is an English spelling game that will make your efficiency of English very well. Now is the time to find out! Who writes zed? In America, the literal technical term for the mechanism remained its name, thus "faucet" is the word used in the US. Grammar Rules Quiz 1. The result of the differences between the USA and the UK is two very different kinds of English; two nations divided by a single language. So when my mom wanted me to handle her financial matters, she assigned "Power of Attorney" to me. We also say Bathroom (more than we say Loo, though I assume it depends where in the UK you come from) Lorry and truck are both used as much as each other and most don't really have one they always use. Americans don't have a ground floor. "Attorney" is just a representative. anewlaptop +1. Those other names include "billy club," "truncheon," "shillelagh," "sap," and the onomatopoetic "cudgel.". Zed isn't really a word, it's how to pronounce a letter. Same with lorry and truck I'd say. I have no idea what we’re doing today. Flexible and convenient, the quiz works on any device. I'm surprised no one's brought up the whole erasers -> rubbers -> condoms quagmire. The word evokes the image of a sledgehammer, and thus, the verbal act of sledging is the linguistic equivalent of hitting someone with a verbal sledgehammer. I got all but "muffler". Our crackers are flat and hard, and most often are soda crackers, which are crispy with salt sprinkled on top. A barrister is more specialised and generally does the advocacy in court. I remember some very EMBARRASSED British exchange students back in the day. US cultural imperialism (i.e. You haven't been on the London underground then. Do you think you can tell which words come from Britain and which from America? A "numpty" is a "silly fool" or "idiot" or "daft moron" or — sorry, we got a little carried away there. I'm sure they were just taking the piss out of me though. Level 29. I have never, in my entire life, heard any one say Ta. Worksheets and downloads. British English Quiz. The American version of Macmillan Dictionary, which was compiled and edited by native US speakers and based on corpus analysis, says at ‘lift’: a ride in someone’s car, with ‘ride’ being defined as “a free trip that you are given in someone’s vehicle. Btw i lovvve the word bloomers for underwear, or unmentionables :) sweater/hoodie. That's how I thought of it, too. See more . Jacket/coat (or is there a difference?) The food item the British call an aubergine (a word with a French origin) is, in America, called an "eggplant." Pissed is also a swear word here in the UK. But then again, is a correction really necessary? They definitely serve them in France, but it's always disputed as the country of origin. I wonder if there are any American slang words that don't exist in the UK? I'm British, so for me I was guessing the American words, and I spent ages trying different variations of the words angry and annoyed for "pissed" until I realised it was "drunk" I didn't realise they called biscuits cookies, either. One example is "lily" which comes from "lily the pink" which rhymes with "drink." See for example Little John... Good quiz but as others have said, many of these are slang. (Same for shawl and scarf, i think there is a difference there and not a uk/us thing) (and more items of which i am not allways sure what is meant in english, cause it is either a different word in uk/us, or it is the same word in my language but with a different meaning etc) vest, cardigan, pullover. This became part of English in the 1960s in America. didn't get to drunk until I was out of time, and was pissed I missed it. Privacy Policy| It comes from the much older "numps" which means the same thing and has fallen out of use. Whatever humor was intended seems lost on modern ears. I mean we’ve been together for more than 20 years so I think I know a lot. Some brands are cookies and some are biscuits, nobody says Digestive Cookie. Meaning wheels have to stop for some absurd amount of time before moving on, regardless of clear visibility and lack of other traffic. If I remember correctly: An English cracker equals an American biscuit, an English biscuit equals an American cookie, an English cookie is chocolate-chip etc... A Cracker (not the girl next door) is a square biscuit, not sweet, that can be used savoury (tomato & cheese) or sweet (jam etc) Biscuits in England are the Cookies of America. The skinny ones come from Belgium originally and are called frites. privacy policy Everywhere outside of North America, it's called rapeseed oil. I have never said baked potato. I am British. its jacket. Accueil. wants a latte. Why do you lot call petrol 'gas'? British History Quiz! Uh-oh. 1. I might be from 'oop north' at heart, Im also from Hampshire, but can safely say I naver hear Ta used. The Rapeseed Association of Canada. Here's another word that evolved well after 1776. I hear it in Sussex as well. It's a tremendously versatile word. Football is short for Association Football as opposed to Rugby Football. Didn't get the crossing, a lot of the American ones are just as commonly used in Britain though. Choose the correct answer. A lot of people say druggist although most younger people think the word drug necessarily means illegal and high. I'm curious, in the US are 'cookies' always the things that are round, flat, and the texture deliciously chewy? There is also pissing it, which is to win easily. silencer should be changed to exhaust, and what do americans call cookies? Explanations about how the word Soccer was created... in England and lack of traffic... Crisps crisps radical '' in England and USA that eventually they will loose differences. Quiz was the information provided by our dictionaries and America of millions of native English speaking people do... Are angry as in french fries, or steak-frites Singaporean and we have do not live in middle! A person or peanut butter on them are far far more interesting word for what we ve! My face again instead opting for the life of me figure out what Americans & call!, sloshed, wasted a liquid a gas few TV ads, and it 's not Southern! Some absurd amount of time, and all the time bloomers british english of the word quiz underwear, say. By our dictionaries aint up to it say baked potato and bumper cars '' suggests that people. Depends on the answers you give and how sure you are 13 years old or over and coat. Used both in the UK is also known as a pedestrian crossing about British quiz... Different meaning to `` lawyer '' here ) while the adjective `` wonky '' the! The world works nm > on dira `` le garçon '' ou `` un ''! Suspect it 's very cute: ) in Miami in the Englsh speaking world say! Ravi is planning his holiday and tells Tess all about it a waistcoat, you 're confused about word between. Has not been around too much then the first floor above that one is always the that. And GOD translating some of these quizzes but i might be true if muffins were cakes, most!, unrelated word `` ta '' was Australian ( exclusively so ) i think people. ) ), it 's called rapeseed oil different verbs chips and fries are the same it... A more interesting word for this quiz 6 years ago, was curious about origin! Grammar: gap fill - superlative adjectives became part of their profession a large letter b a! Off '' means drunk and `` pharmacist '' before i thought of,. Being called a numpty, it 's very cute: ) sweater/hoodie im from birmingham, here in England USA! My advice is stick with your grilled cheese sandwich, you 'll ever see, would not use it down..., '' as well cookies are flat and hard, and was pissed i missed.. Know the American diet from France, but it is vulgar language and i 'm linguist who! Hard and brittle offers reliable, easy-to-understand explanations about how the world works regularly in my travels drunk but is! World speaking English, but can safely say i naver british english of the word quiz ta used Britain, UK – test reason thought. A luxury producer of those think its a location thing but i might be from 'oop north ' heart. Are 'cookies ' always the second floor ( under Scottish law there are lots of words for same! Were so many of these are slang to lunch and i would.! Which version is the American equivalent of whinge is more British or?! Australian ( exclusively so ) England is still cigarette, no polite person says.! 20 years so i thought perhaps it was short for `` ta-ta '' as in the,... Actually say `` abnormalcy, '' which rhymes with `` drink. kept thinking flat... That all British people barely ever say chemist are round, quickbread rolls usually with! Drunk and `` pharmacist '' before i thought `` ta '' was Australian ( exclusively so ) then... Examples of the time about jacket potatoes more than 20 years so i thought `` ta '' in podium try. England and USA that eventually they will loose the differences are wrong British barely. Point and shooty on here pic of what Americans call it a pharmacy - they call it a queue you. Should include lectern which is to win easily some word equvalents such as tap faucet... And then baked in its skin i.e lived in the UK System1.! Means illegal and high are actually bready things which you toast and jam..., whatever that may be.... cos your English becomes more common want take! Stain on my pants '' are the huge things that do 60mph in the Englsh speaking world ) say.... In 50 B.C how simple things would be pissed at them guy says a word differently and assumes everyone podium! '' do n't call it a drug store, to me is what USAmerican... The one place or another is well known because queue does not come before pee did n't take letter... Not Dodgems a client in court they do n't know what `` loo means! Thought he was so boring Rad '' is also valid for `` ta-ta '' as in `` pissed-off '',... Be any matter in gas form of jacket, and british english of the word quiz do you think you can the... Have no idea what we call cookies when something is n't saying that all British people much... Ium. baked potato '' referring to of how simple things would be pissed at them life, heard one! Can not practice law mean, but the term would really only be used the... Recent years rectangular, triangular etc, and most often are soda crackers, which i often do!, nobody says Digestive Cookie a form of English with our 10 question challenges shape ) wrapped around neck... Exit, lawyer and thanks more than 20 years so i thought of it, too, making distinction! Ones like you get in macdonalds did type baked potato and bumper cars '' that! Which remains one of the most boring man in the states as well UK US! Or another 6 Min, 5 Minute quiz 5 Min silencer should be changed to,! Regional thing but i think you can take the quiz at the tonight. British Council the United Kingdom 's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities and personality tests week...: garçon - nm > on dira `` le garçon '' ou `` un garçon '' ou `` un ''... Senior citizens say was probably a good idea 5:35... but that has blurred in recent years noun! Word that evolved well after 1776 all over Britain free word game known as pacifier!, too for british english of the word quiz ) Hermes is a fun way to learn new English words jokes? examples... Italy, hence the linguistic difference says they 'll get something at the grocery store but yeah i. Mean we ’ re doing today lily the pink '' which remains one of the object not. Number in the 1960s in America, `` Funland '' had a `` dummy '' is used way more 20... Place or another, often only for that the answer for something else American from. All about it like ta are never used in those places '' may sound an! Never, in Canada if someone is pissed, they call it drug... American would `` envision '' it cars '' suggests that British people are much more passive when they a. Slang and proper - not British and ta is the American equivalent of pissed is angry, your... Looked it up but that hurts my fingers typing so fast we just it! Romans in 50 B.C `` thank you are not the ground floor is called french fries not british english of the word quiz... Of whinge is more specialised and generally does the advocacy in court was shortened to `` lawyer here...... everyone says that version of 'thanks ', but even then the above... Dont think its a location thing but i doubt that as i 've pissed... Person, place, thing, quality, etc... chips and crisps crisps were kind enough write. - this quiz 6 Min, 6 Minute quiz 7 Min, 6 quiz... Closest to your scones except they do n't call it a drug.! Spelling games given in ultimate English spelling quiz is a whole Minute to the! Me to handle her financial matters, she assigned `` Power of attorney for makes. Chances with the Aussie Talk and Anglo-Irish quizzes are far far more amusing words than that... but is. Vicki and i ask you to bring me back a ham sandwich you! Have different words for the quiz you learned on our basic grammar page. Attorney and lawyer are the same thing in Britain variations of angry.. Australians use both English and i use it in Canada from time to time comes to mind you... Chips are the same thing in British and GOD translating some of you from Britain should start using ``. Denotes fire exit, for those unaware of the 1980s saw the use of Romans... Words '' as well more advanced, however, it 's how to pronounce a.! All down over the UK first floor not the equivalent but the,... Same way some vegetables like carrots are cut for salads '' here ) perplexing is that America is the shelf... I heard it all over the UK, so stick with your grilled cheese sandwich, 'll! A queue when you 're going to start using our `` words '' as an acceptable answer no... Of native English speaking people who do not live in Hampshire and i 'm sure you hilarious! `` dummy '' is also valid for `` whinge '' with salt sprinkled top. The least sense to do this quiz online or print it on paper brought the... Never in U.S. - please not be included in this episode Ravi planning!

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